Meet the Team

We are a student-led vertically integrated research project at the University of Arizona.  Graduate and undergraduate students from many departments work collaboratively with faculty in hydrology and journalism to learn what it takes to work collaboratively with faculty in hydrology and journalism to create professional quality graphics.

Water Whys Team gathered in front of a screen and smiling at the camera

Water Whys Team Spring 2023

Water Whys Team Fall 2023

Current Students:


Caitlin Elena Brady

Undergraduate: Ag, Life & Environmental Sciences
Involved since: Spring 2024
Headshot of Lev Brikmanis

Lev Brikmanis

Undergraduate: Enviro. & Water Resource Economics
Involved since: Spring 2023

Danielle Tadych

Graduate Student: Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Involved since: Fall 2023
Fern Bromley

Fern Lorelei Bromley

Graduate Student: Natural Resources
Involved since: Spring 2024

Roberta Eugenia Gracia

Undergraduate: Ag, Life & Environmental Sciences
Involved since: Spring 2024

Taylor Ann Foerster

Graduate Student: Communication
Involved since: Fall 2023

Hunter McPherson

Undergraduate: Ag, Life & Environmental Sciences
Involved since: Spring 2024

Jessi Hikialani Moeschl

Undergraduate: Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Involved since: Spring 2024

Zoe Maria Montano

Undergraduate: Journalism, Public Relations, Studio Art
Involved since: Spring 2024
Sabrina Rayner

Sabrina Marie Rayner

Undergraduate: Design Arts & Practice
Involved since: Spring 2024

Anastasia Seckers

Undergraduate: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Geography, Marine Science
Involved since: Spring 2024
Wenjing Zhang

Wenjing Zhang

Undergraduate: Communication
Involved since: Spring 2024

Interested in joining our project?

You don’t need to be a water expert. We are an interdisciplinary group and we are looking for students with an interest in graphic design, journalism, and physical sciences. All students will learn about the physical processes we will be representing as well as the science behind effective communication. 

To apply you can check out our VIP website.

University of Arizona students only.

Team Advisors:

Headshot of Laura Condon

Laura Condon

Project Co-Lead
Associate Professor Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Headshot of Sara Kobilka

Sara Kobilka

Project Co-Lead
Education Coordinator
Megan Roxbury headshot

Megan Roxbury

Graphics Advisor
Senior Graphic Designer, eLearning & Multimedia Services, Eller College of Management
Headshot of Liliana Soto

Liliana Soto

Journalism Advisor
Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Journalism
Garry Headshot

Garry Forger

Media Advisor
Project Manager
Ellie Broadman headshot

Ellie Broadman

Science Advisor
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Past Students and Advisors:

Name Role: Specialty Participated
Carol Schwalbe Faculty: Journalism Spring 2022, Fall 2023, Spring 2023
Ty Ferrie Faculty: Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences Spring 2022, Fall 2023
Lillie Orth-Williams Undergraduate: Information Science and Esociety Spring 2022, Fall 2023
Denise Meeks Graduate: Science journalism Spring 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023
Sofia Rodriguez Undergraduate: Geosciences Spring 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023
Xenia De Gracia Graduate: Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Fall 2022, Spring 2023
Hisashi Colman Undergraduate:  Biology, Biomedical Sciences Spring 2022
Alexandra Lombard Undergraduate: Microbiology Spring 2022
David Morales Graduate:  Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences Spring 2022
Chloe Thomas Graduate: Biosystems Engineering Spring 2023
Yike Xu Graduate: Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences Spring 2023
Nikhil Garuda Undergraduate: Astronomy, Physics Spring 2023
Sohi Kang Undergraduate: Journalism Spring 2023
Wilzave Quiles Guzmán Graduate: Water, Society, and Policy Spring 2023 Fall2023
God’sgift Nkechi Chukwuonye Graduate Student: Environmental Sciences Fall 2023
Harish Vernekar Graduate Student: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Fall 2023
Adriana Arcelay Graduate Student: Civil Engineering Fall 2023


Headshot of Katie Yung

Katie Yung

Graphic Designer
Headshot of Amber Sullins

Amber Sullins

ABC15 Chief Meteorologist (Phoenix)